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  1. Enter the virtual call with your growler team. We recommend between 4 and 8 players.

  2. The chugging order will follow the order of everyone getting on the call. You will complete five rounds, so everyone will get a turn. 

  3. Confirm all growlers are sealed (or full if you trust your party of hooligans).

  4. Count to three in German: eins, zwei, drei. The first player will begin chugging at three. Once they’ve had enough, they will raise their growler to the camera and yell Prost to indicate Player 2 may now begin. 

  5. Complete five rounds! 

  6. If anyone finishes their growler, the win or place! 

  7. At the end of the fifth round, compare how much beer is left in each growler. 

  8. The person who has finished the least amount of beer owes the first place winner their next growler. 

Miss the boot game? Try this!

Virtual Growler Game

 Take a screen shot and share! 


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